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TechDivision is our new partner

We are pleased to announce that sqanit has recently become a partner with TechDivision. Together, TechDivision and sqanit plan to reach out to companies to implement improved customer service processes. These enriched processes create unrivaled customer experiences that result in greater engagement, loyalty, business, and after-sales.

The sqanit solution offers digital twin technology that enables companies to digitize the way service cases are managed and simplify workflows so that employees can work at their best capacity. This is done while at the same time offering direct customer communication channels that are GDPR-compliant and are provided with your corporate look. The result: Customer satisfaction and loyalty are increased, costs are reduced, after-sales processes are optimized, and you gain valuable insights into end customers and products.

About TechDivision

For more than 15 years, TechDivision has been inspiring customers with digital services and technologies that bring on the digitalization of business processes and more. While taking special consideration that the technologies they present are not only the latest of their kind, but also provide the highest quality in performance.

Which is why we are proud to be a new partner so that together we can impact companies in need of a better customer experience. Learn more about sqanit’s new partnership with TechDivision in their latest post here.  

About sqanit

sqanit is an innovative software company from Munich. Since 2017, the company has been developing an innovative, cloud-based customer experience platform that focuses on the end customer and offers your company a simple communication channel to your customers. With our solution, our clients increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, optimize after-sales processes, save costs and gain valuable information about end customers and products.

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