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Partner with sqanit

Become a sqanit partner and revolutionize customer experience as we know it. Enroll and gain access to exclusive tools, benefits, and resources to help you amaze customers and drive business growth.

Why become a partner?

Stand out from the crowd and accelerate business growth by helping to deliver a new kind of customer experience and service. Connect your organization with everything it needs to build and deliver successful customer service and experience cloud-based solutions.

Whether you build, sell, run solutions or provide services, partnering with sqanit means your customers enjoy the benefits of a leading customer service technology platform, enriched and extended by your business and delivered in a secure cloud.

The tools to support your success

sqanit will empower your organization with exclusive training, know-how, documentation and support, that accelerate innovation and drive growth. Our experts work together with your team to bring value to your customers.

About sqanit

sqanit develops innovative, cloud-based service management and customer experience platform that focuses on the end customer. With our solution, clients increase customer satisfaction loyalty, optimize after-sales processes, save costs and gain valuable information about end customers and products.

Take the first step today

Partner with us to find the solutions and resources you need to grow your business and showcase your proven expertise in your specialized business areas. Write us to learn more and get started.

Would you like to learn more? We look forward to hearing from you.

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