Enable a remarkable level of self-mastery and intelligence!

Our features provide you the possibility to give your end customer the tools they need for self-help, clear comprehension, and straightforward communication of important factors that make your job easier. Effortlessly inform, guide, and empower your customers to handle service cases to accelerate solutions, reduce demand, and if necessary, ensure smooth communication between them and the workforce. Simplify your corporate effort by completely changing the way they interact while delivering a positive and insightful experience.


sqanit Finds The Appropriate Solution For Every Problem

sqanit creates an extension of your device or service and duplicates all of the data into a digital twin. One that not only contains all of the information but enriches it with features that offer more possibilities.

To better elaborate our features, let’s look at it from the perspective of your end customer. Meet Anna, she has had some problems with your product or service.

A structured problem analysis helps matching problems with just the right solution. That said, Anna now has access to an array of Infos and more that can help her. The best part is that she has access without the need of downloading an app.



Immediate Access, Effortless Solutions

Empower your customers to work with you!

With the help of digital instructions, Anna can be guided and encouraged in solving minor problems regardless of the company’s opening hours. Of course, she is happy to solve it! Everything she needs, exactly when she wants it.



Customer Service with a Modern Twist

The customer service feature optimises the flow of information between the company and its customers. A ticketing system provides immediate support in the event of a problem, and the augmented reality (AR) function undertakes virtual inspections, therefore, reducing corporate costs.

This way, Anna can easily be guided by the technician and learn exactly what to do. Already preparing her in case it occurs again.

Drawing: This tool allows you to draw directly on the screen and give direct indications that are usually not clear when in a call.


Effective Specialist, and a High Resolution Rate on 1st Try

For problems that can only be solved on-site, the most effective solution is found with the help of a structured problem analysis, which matches the problem with the most suitable specialist.

In Anna’s case, all she needs to do is approve an appointment that works for her. Not only does she know who is coming for repairs, but she also has access to a GDPR-compliant chat channel that allows easy communication with the technicians, also making it easy to request a later appointment if necessary.

The chance of a second repair trip can be saved thanks to:

Perfect diagnosis in previous steps

Better overview due to holistic data collection

Added remote expertise from expert colleagues whilst on-site



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