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The same motive, to provide an optimal cloud-based service managment system with a focus on excellence


July 26, 2021

We’re Excited to Announce We Have Rebranded!

Our team is pleased to share we’ve rebranded with a fresh new name, a brand-new logo, an updated website experience, and thanks to our continued growth, even a new location. The new branding only further communicates our mission to provide users with a smart platform that brings service management solutions. A new look with the same relentless focus on improving the customer experience.

Special Thanks!

We must thank our partners, customers, team, and all that have contributed to our success. We plan to continue pushing the barriers to overall service management improvement, and much more. So, keep an eye on us and visit our website to learn more about the sqanit product at

Your sqanit team!

Here is a small Glimpse of what is New:
Our Name and Logo

A company’s name and logo are an essential element in defining their brand image, which is why we’ve updated ours to not only symbolise sqanits character, but also exemplify its agility and integrations. It also reflects our platform’s easy-to-use innovative nature.

Explore our Website

We’ve added a lot of new content to our website to highlight all of the different features our platform offers. We now have individual feature pages that show the end-user, workforce, and back office perspective:

Check out our New Location

With our continued growth, we now even have a new location. We are now located at the newly constructed office building of the “neue balan” campus, and we have moved into the 5th floor.

  • New address: Balanstraße 71a, 81541 Munich (5th floor)

Connect with Us

Have questions about sqanit? Connect with us via email at contact[at] or by scheduling a meeting today here!