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Back Office

The centrepiece of the sqanit platform

Consider the “Back Office“ application as the centrepiece. With it, the workforce is equipped with the tools necessary to create, coordinate, monitor, analyse and deliver optimal service to clientele. The possibilities are endless. Depending on the role given to the employee different levels of command can be achieved. Although it may look and feel like a programme, the “Back Office“ is entirely website-based. Therefore runs on any internet-connected computer with no prior installation needed, making it easily accessible, whenever and wherever needed.


Relevant data at a glance

As soon as you enter the platform, you will reach the “Dashboard”. Here you will find an overview of all relevant data, and statistics at a glance. Of course, every company has its own KPIs. That is why the dashboard has a flexible layout. The different windows can be moved, resized, or even taken off if wished. It is not only flexible but user-specific as well. For example, a technician will have different priorities as opposed to a team leader. Thus, the “Dashboard” can be adapted to the varying priorities of its user. Allowing the workforce to concentrate on what’s important.


The building blocks for all platform possibilities

Templates can provide a multitude of options on the platform as they are the core building blocks. The “Templates” section serves as the control centre for the customer application. This supports in strategically planning the customer experience. Within each template are different settings that can achieve various outcomes. For this purpose, content, appearance, and settings can be added or altered. With fleet management, it can be determined who takes care of processing tickets for a respective product or service. It is also important to note that all devices are derived from a template.


Where you manage your digital twins

A digital device is an extension of a single product or service and each one is derived from a template. It contains all the individual data and history of a specific product or service. Details such as when the parts were last replaced or when the last servicing was given. On the platform is an overview of all devices. Each digital device is enriched with features that would not be possible otherwise.


Manage customers and digital twins

A “Customer” section is provided on the platform. Making it easy to store and manage customer data safely. With it, establishing contact to provide a service, routine check-up, and more is effortless. Information can be stored in direct relation to the device or service provided. Any tickets linked to the customer can be viewed. The option to store customer data depends entirely on the company’s needs. If a company chooses not to retain customer data but wants the customer to have a contact option, then sqanit has the solution. GDPR-compliant channels are readily accessible for smooth communication. Leaving the decision to retain customer data or not entirely up to the business.


The key for users to access the platform

In the “Codes” section, QR-codes can be designed, paired, and organised. An overview offers a simple organisation of all codes. Paired and unpaired codes can be checked or altered and new ones can be created. To best fit the company it represents sqanit offers the ability to design the codes. The codes can have logos inserted, colour, text, and size added. Giving full flexibility to how the QR-codes are displayed.

My Company

Where company details can be managed

In the “My Company” overview, department and corporate details can be added. Here you can place your companies location, the number of employees, logo, contact points, and more. Settings such as preferred languages for the platform are managed here. It is also possible to add or invite employees. Once the employees are in the system, roles can be given that influence how they can interact with the platform. Therefore giving the company the ability to manage many different topics.


The door to the customer needs

Consider the “Tickets” section an overview of all challenges requiring expert guidance. There experts are presented with a general overview of all existing tickets. Tickets can be searched, sorted, and filtered. In this way, relevant information about service cases can be effortlessly found. When viewing specific service cases, all details about the history are displayed, e.g. messages, updates, and linked video sessions. All tickets have a status making it easy to know if it is new, processing, or completed. Best of all, service cases can be set-up to be directly sent to the best-suited expert for the issue, eliminating loss of time and frustration on all sides.

Video Sessions

Providing solutions remotely with augmented reality

When an issue becomes challenging, requiring an expert, guidance can be given remotely. In this section, service employees can create video sessions or answer video call requests from customers. The AR feature enhances video calls helping in clarifying specific points, getting perspective, and more. The overview, which can be searched, sorted, and filtered, helps keep track of all video sessions regardless of their status. Giving your employee the tools they need to successfully support, without being on location.


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