Asset Management

Always in tune with your devices.

Whether you need details on individual devices or statistics on entire product categories, both are always available to you in real-time. Our task management function also reminds you of important tasks related to specific devices. The compliance function ensures that your devices meet the required standards and helps you achieve compliance.

Equipment Management.

Effortless management for maximum business performance: Keep track of all your equipment and its locations at any time.

With always-available details such as service history, customer assignment, and service contracts, you can optimize your resource utilization.

Detailed statistics provide valuable insights into the performance of your product categories. This data enables you to continuously optimize your products and services, further enhancing your competitive edge.

Task Management.

Forget the stress of organization: Our system automatically reminds the responsible individuals of upcoming tasks and ensures that nothing is overlooked, whether it’s regular maintenance or compliance with regulations.

By optimizing the planning and execution of tasks, you reduce downtime, extend the lifespan of your equipment, and increase user satisfaction.

Compliance Management.

Keep an eye on safety and compliance: Ensure that your devices always meet current regulations without much effort.

Our system allows you to store relevant compliance regulations for all devices, so you always know exactly what needs to be done to meet legal requirements.

With checklists and alerts, you stay informed about upcoming tasks and can prevent potential compliance violations. This also increases safety for all users.