Reliable operation of laboratory and analytical equipment is crucial, especially in error analysis and quality management. In research and development, uninterrupted operation is essential, particularly for devices used daily, such as autoclaves, PCR machines, and other analytical equipment that require consecutive tests.


AR Support:
Help from afar.

With AR video remote support, your employees can quickly and effectively assist customers without wasting time on unnecessary travel. This innovative technology allows for seamless integration into your support process, improving efficiency while reducing costs.

Safety without compromise.

To protect sensitive research data, our solution does not access your laboratory equipment. This ensures the security of the devices and the confidentiality of internal data. Thanks to our device security approach, lab technicians can provide top-notch service without the risk of data leaks.

Device installation
made easy.

Digital manuals directly on the device help install laboratory equipment correctly. With step-by-step instructions and interactive elements such as videos, your customers can easily set up the devices.

Your Benefits

Through efficient processes, our Service Excellence Platform offers significant benefits for all stakeholders.