Customer Service par Excellence.

As a marketing department employee, you know that the key to success lies in understanding and meeting your customers' needs. With our Service Excellence Platform, you have the ultimate tool to achieve just that and exceed your marketing goals.

More than just
a service solution.

sqanit is more than just a service solution – it's the decisive selling point that gives you a competitive edge. Especially in new markets where service excellence and customer support are often neglected, sqanit positions you as a pioneer in after-sales management. Through our innovative platform and additional services, you provide your customers with an unparalleled service experience that exceeds their expectations.

Strengthen your brand image.

Our Service Excellence solution enables you to effectively collect and utilize customer references and reviews for your business.

These positive testimonials serve as compelling endorsements, strengthening the trust of potential customers and enhancing your brand's credibility. This not only supports the sales process but also plays a crucial role in improving your company's image.