The Service

Your fastest shortcut to customers for excellent omnichannel support.
Creating consistent and seamless customer experiences!

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The 360° Solution

The Service Excellence Platform for Your Business Success

The Backoffice

Manage customer service efficiently: In our back office, operational processes are optimized through automation and seamless data management. Use our platform for integrating and analyzing your data to make informed decisions that enhance your business success.

Your Benefits

With our Service Excellence Platform, you save valuable time and can maximize your profits.

Make it Your Own

Experience unparalleled flexibility with our self-service options. Enjoy seamless communication for exceptional service and personalize the appearance to match your unique style.

High flexibility through self-service

Your customers can independently solve minor issues using digital guides, helping to reduce costs and save time.

Seamless communication for service excellence

With our platform, we enable technicians to solve problems all over the world with no need to travel.

Customize Appearances

Everything from the chat, to the module interface, and even the QR code, can be altered to match the company’s look and feel.

The Right Solution for Your Industry

The sqanit platform is modular, allowing it to be easily adapted to the specific needs of various industries.



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