Home Appliances

In the home appliances industry, it is crucial to offer reliable devices as well as comprehensive service that meets customers' needs from purchase throughout the entire product lifecycle.


Easy to use.

Gone are the days of heavy black-and-white printed manuals. Interactive and multimedia content makes complex processes, such as adjusting the grind size or cleaning the milk frother, easy to understand.

No Service Hotline, please!

With the self-service feature, customers can easily help themselves. If there is a more extensive problem, the platform allows quick and convenient contact with customer service, without annoying wait times.

Thanks to smart routing, customer inquiries immediately reach the right contact person. At this point, personal contact ensures individualized and effective support.

Seamless Customer Service

Your customers can directly repurchase their favorite coffee or the right filters for their product through the platform. If a customer needs to visit a dealer due to a defect, it's not a problem. Thanks to the built-in concierge, you can provide the appropriate link, whether it's for an online shop or dealer locator.

Your Benefits

Through efficient processes, our Service Excellence Platform offers significant benefits for all stakeholders.